About Us

NanoComputer Dream Team

The NanoComputer Dream Team is a nonprofit, International Educational Organization, utilizing the World Wide Web, with the objective of fostering a collaborative environment for the creative development of Nanotechnology. We have designed this website to serve a broad and diverse range of interests for those following the rapidly accelerating developments in Nanoscale Research. Our network of members from around the world are a diverse group of individuals and organizations who have come together in the Spirit of Harmony with the original mission of building the first Nanometer Scale Computer. This Internet forum has brought together an ad hoc group of scientists, professors, students, microprocessor engineers, software designers, business managers, inventors, doctors, individuals from all walks of life, as volunteers, to address the specific design and construction issue's required to construct a Nanocomputer Prototype. The membership is a virtual International Who's Who in the rapidly expanding field of Nanotechnology.

This worldwide educational effort is proceeding in the patent-free, nonprofit public domain as a humanitarian project, with the intent of accelerating and disseminating the rapid developments in the emerging field of Nanotechnology Research.

The Nanocomputer Dream Team was originally conceived when Bill Spence, the founder and publisher of Nanotechnology Magazine, accepted a $100 dollar bet from a Nanotechnology skeptic, that such a computer (Nanometer-scale) could not be commercialized in the next 15 years. This bet and its terms were posted on the Nanotechnology Magazine web site, in the spring 1995. The purpose was to foster and stimulate a debate on the feasibility of building a Nanocomputer that consists of a few thousand atoms, by the year 2011. This debate quickly took on a life of its own, as positive voices from around the world asked "why not now?" The Nanocomputer Dream Team spontaneously self-assembled from the ensuing intellectual dialogue, and through the power of the Internet, talent from all over the world, in every scientific field, amateur and professional alike, were gathered together by the conceptual founders, Bill Spence and Doug Bard, to create the World's first Nanometer Scale Super Computer within the next decade. The First Team was gathered together and was know as the Brainstormers which was Captained by Michael McDonald. From this teams brainstorming it was apparent that it was time to become official instead of just idle talk so we became a Texas Based 501(C)(3).

In those years from inception, some incredibly enthusiastic proponents of Nanotechnology have joined us to expand the original concept of building the first Nanocomputer. The Dream Team has formed some strategic alliances, focused and committed to turn new ideas in Nanoscale Science, into educational K-12 programs, State and Global Nanotechnology Initiatives, Corporate, Government and University Research Directives. You can join our International effort from the convenience of your home or office computer. Pick one or more of the DreamTeam project category's at the Team Wheel. Your passion to turn Nanotechnology into reality is needed now. Contribute what you can by joining us in our quest to develop the "Digital Control of Matter." Join a team now. Participate or stand silent on the sidelines. No Job is Too Small!!!